Free CEU for CASP members

All CEU offerings on the CASP Online CEU Center are free to employees of CASP member organizations with a valid CASP member ID number. If you cannot remember your CASP member ID number, you can retrieve it here

  1. Once a course has been selected, please click the blue "Buy" button:
  2. Then click the highlighted link, "Have a CASP member coupon code?"
  3. Enter your CASP member ID number where indicated and click the blue "Apply" button. 
  4. Proceed with checkout.

Instructions to Receive CEU Credit

CASP is a BACB Authorized Continuing Education (ACE) provider. In order to issue CEU credit, ACE Providers must monitor participant attendance.

In these recorded webinars, a series of key words will appear in the bottom right corner of the video for 20 seconds, approximately every 15 minutes. 


As you are watching, please make note of all CEU Key Words as they appear. The total number of CEU Key Words appearing in each webinar can be found immediately below the recording.

Please note:

  • Attendees must complete a short quiz and accurately identify all CEU Key Words in order to receive their CEU certificate.
  • Fast forwarding has been disabled for recorded webinars offered for CEU.
  • The complete name of the webinar in the course description may be slightly different than what appears on your CEU certificate. Due to Thinkific's default limitations in formatting  certificates, in some cases the webinar name had to be shortened in order to fit on the certificate. In such cases, the course name on your certificate will appear as the "Short Title" as indicated in the course description.  

If you do not want CEU credit, all webinars offered here are available free of charge on the CASP website with fast forwarding enabled.

A note about "lessons"

By default, the Thinkific platform that we are using to provide this service considers each section of a course a "lesson." For most of the courses offered here, there are at least three (3) sections:

  1. Watch the webinar
  2. A short quiz to verify attendance (see below re: "Instructions to Receive CEU credit")
  3. A short survey

Each course card found on the home page automatically includes the number of course sections. Therefore, most courses are listed as having 3 "Lessons".